Saturday, September 2, 2017

The 'Re-' Prefix

As a rule, the prefix "re" (meaning "again") should not be followed by a hyphen. However, a few words require the hyphen to distinguish them from other words with the same spelling but different meaning.

For example:
    A recreation program for employees
    A re-creation of the original sketches
    To recover from an illness
    To re-cover a chair
    To resign the position
    To re-sign the contracts

Which is the correct word spelling?
  1. to (repress re-press) one's emotions
  2. to (release re-lease) the apartment
  3. to (re-sort resort) to violence
  4. as he (remarked re-marked) to me

  1. to repress one's emotions
  2. to re-lease the apartment
  3. to resort to violence
  4. as he remarked to me


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